U.S. Roundup: Towers launch campaign to end distracted driving, a tricky river recovery and much more

September 14, 2012 — Periodically, Canadian Towing & Recovery presents a round-up of news from our neighbours to the south. This week we’ve got the story of a University accepting responsibility for a towing mix-up, a tower in Illinois launching a campaign to end distracted driving, towers in New Jersey going to great lengths to help police pull a stolen car out of a creek and more.

UMass to refund students $15,000 after towing mix-up during move-in

The University of Massachusetts has accepted responsibility for a massive mix-up on move-in day in which 132 cars were removed from a parking lot. Nearly $15,000 in fees were charged.

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Towing Company Launches W8 2 TXT Campaign

A tower in Illinois has decided that he has seen one-too-many accidents involving distracted driving. To combat the problem, he has launched a new campaign to try to convince people to wait until they’re out of their cars to text.

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Stolen car pulled from creek

A stolen car in four feet of New Jersey creek water caused some interesting problems for the tower called by police to help.

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Tow trucks to help highway drivers

After a lengthy bidding process, a California towing company has won the right to patrol area highways to try to relieve traffic congestion.

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