Tower alleges OPP officer threatenened him with sex toys

By Andrew Ardizzi Toronto, Ontario — March 4, 2013 — A tow truck driver who alleges he was the victim of police abuse has called on the Ontario Provincial Police to fire one of its officers. Jagdis Tirbany, 45, of Toronto, released a statement through his lawyer claiming the officer in question verbally threatened him and […]

Ontario’s towers may face fee regulation, provincial licensing

By Hayden Kenez Toronto, Ontario — November 23, 2012 — The government-appointed Steering Committee of the Anti-Fraud Task Force has released a series of recommendations to the Ontario government to crack down on towing fraud, increase regulations and potentially regulate towing rates. The report makes a number of recommendations regarding the towing industry, including requirements to […]

Tow truck driver wasn’t reckless, according to defence lawyer

By Mike Davey Hamilton, Ontario — October 10, 2012 — The lawyer for a Hamilton, Ont. area tow truck driver says his client’s actions were not reckless or unsafe. Ronald Taylor has pleaded not guilty to criminal negligence causing death, and his laywer, Jeffrey Manishen, says he did not exhibit the “marked and substantial departure of […]

New Cornwall bylaw to penalize aggressive towers

By Hayden Kenez Cornwall,Ontario — October 11, 2012 — Some Cornwall towing companies are welcoming a new bylaw that will penalize aggressive companies at the scene of traffic collisions. Duncan Cooper, owner of Cornwall Towing, is welcoming the bylaw, which he says will keep towing companies from harassing victims  – many of whom are suffering the […]

OPP soliciting tow industry input on contracting issues

Orillia, Ontario — October 9, 2012 — The Ontario Provincial Police are seeking input from towing industry stakeholders with regards to the contracting of tow and impoundment services. The OPP have posted a presentation providing information about the OPP, their towing requirements, background on why these services are being contracted and to provide information on exactly […]

New Century Underlift Option from Miller Industries

Ooltewah, Tennessee — October 2, 2012 — Miller Industries is now offering a new Low Rider option for the popular 7035 and 9055 heavy-duty models. The new “Street” Low Rider provides the same lift capacity and reach as the standard stinger on these models, but also provides the operator with the lower profile like the optional […]

Collins Hi-Speed Tow Cradle for missing wheels

Medford, Oregon — September 28, 2012 — The Collins Hi-Speed Tow Cradle is used for situations when you need to tow vehicles with missing tires or wheels. It fits all Collins Hi-Speed Dollies and dollies produced by other manufacturers, and fits wheel lifts with “L” arms. The Collins Tow Cradle is constructed of lightweight aluminum, […]

Truck and driver, all in one package?

Nahle, Lebanon — September 27, 2012 — Every once in a while we come across a story that technically has nothing to do with the Canadian towing and recovery business, but we feel we have to share anyway. This is one of those times. A Lebanese man named Alex Riachi wants to get into the Guinness […]

Towers lead the charge for new B.C. association

Vancouver, British Columbia — September 25, 2012 — There is a new voice for western Canada’s towing industry. The Western Canada Automotive Business Association (WCABA) is a recently incorporated not–for–profit association formed by members of the towing industry. The association was formed in response to critical financial and operational challenges to the towing industry. It is […]

TowShow 2012 a success

By Mark Kimmich Hamilton, Ontario — September 24, 2012 —TowShow 2012, the Provincial Towing Association of Ontario’s annual trade show and meeting, took One of the entries from the Tow Truck Beauty Pageant at TowShow 2012. place this past weekend inHamilton. The event gives towers from around the province the chance to talk shop, show […]