Towers, RCMP remind drivers to slow down in Saskatchewan

Rouleau, Saskatchewan — January 12, 2015 — Saskatchewan towers are asking authorities to ensure motorists slow down when approaching emergency vehicles.

CBC reports tow truck drivers have been calling on White Butte RCMP to lend their flashing red and blue police lights to help warn drivers to slow down while operators are removing vehicles from ditches along the highway.

Dakota Towing owner Shon Crumley told CBC Radio’s Blue Sky that motorists are prone to ignoring towers’ own amber lights, resulting in numerous close calls.

“It just doesn’t register to slow down for us,” says the Rouleau, Saskatchewan-based Crumley.

He says he thinks the public doesn’t comprehend how dangerous the profession can be, and he’s constantly worried about his employees.

“It rattles you for quite a while, but you learn over time you never turn your back on traffic,” he adds.

The province requires drivers slow down to at least 60 kilometres per hour when passing emergency vehicles. Violation of the law can result in a minimum fine of $464.

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