Toronto’s “tag-and-tow” policy moves into midtown

Toronto, Ontario — January 13, 2014 — The city of Toronto’s new tow policy is now also targeting midtown motorists.

CBC reports that the same no-tolerance approach to illegal parking during rush hour in the downtown core—resulting in 321 towed vehicles by the end of its first week—made its way to St. Clair Avenue and Eglinton Avenue on January 12.

Authorities say the enforcement strategy, deemed tag-and-tow, is here to stay, with Sgt. Brett Moore telling CBC Toronto that drivers should know the amped up approach is anything but temporary.

“Just pay attention to the signs, that’s it,” says Moore, advising those who don’t wish to count themselves among the growing tally of penalized drivers.

Adding to the hundreds of cars and trucks hauled away during the policy’s first week, police say they also issued 2,430 parking tags.

Effective January 5, the tag-and-tow approach is part of Mayor John Tory’s six point plan to reduce traffic congestion in the city.

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