Toronto police target illegal parkers in one-day towing blitz

By Mike Davey

Toronto, Ontario — August 9, 2012 — Toronto’s police recently teamed with tow truck operators to target scofflaw parkers in the city’s busy downtown core. The one-day towing blitz, called Keep It Moving, took place during the morning and afternoon rush.

Officers were out in force, paying special attention no−stopping zones, gridlock and other traffic offences that hinder the free flow of traffic.
Keep It Moving was a joint operation involving members of 52 Division’s Traffic Response Unit, Community Response Unit, Primary Response Unit and the TPS Parking Enforcement Officers and Municipal By−Law Enforcement Officers.

A tag−and−tow policy was utilized during the zero−tolerance blitz.

No vehicle was immune during the blitz. One noteworthy incident involved towing a tour bus illegally parked on Richmond Street.

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