Young people driving high Towing professionals might find dealing with millenials a little bit more difficult–and interactions with them a little more frequent–since the legalization of marijuana. According to a new study from the CAA, young Canadians frequently engage in dangerous behaviour involving the use of marijuana and automobiles. The findings are based on a […]

Let’s Talk Towing: CAA, OPP and PTAO hosting virtual town hall

Toronto, Ontario ⁠— The Ontario division of CAA, along with the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and the Provincial Towing Association of Ontario (PTAO) have announced an upcoming virtual town hall to discuss the current challenges facing the towing industry. The virtual meeting, scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 12 from 12 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. EDT, is […]

Valentine’s Day Vandal: Vancouver man steals, crashes BCAA truck

Vancouver, British Columbia– A Valentine’s Day incident in Vancouver involving a stolen tow truck ended with a 41-year-old in police custody. The man, who is accused of stealing a BCAA tow truck driver’s vehicle during the middle of a roadside operation, was arrested shortly after crashing the truck into one of Vancouver’s bike racks. He […]

Go Slow for Tows: CAA gives warning after towing collisions

CAA South Central Ontario (CAA SCO) is reminding motorists to “slow down, move over” after two tow trucks have been struck by motorists while working in the GTA. “This has been a very troubling week for all of us at CAA. Everyone deserves a safe place to work–even on the side of the road,” wrote […]

CAA applauds Aviva Canada’s call for provincial towing regulation

Changes to the Consumer Protection Act and Highway Traffic Act made from this past year are the first steps to address these challenges, but according to CAA, more needs to be done.

Thornhill, Ontario — November 27, 2017 — “Crash, Cash and Backlash,” a report recently released by Aviva Canada, reinforces CAA’s advocacy efforts in encouraging the provincial government to regulate the towing industry. CAA has been actively working with stakeholders and government officials to develop a provincial regulation of the towing industry. “CAA is pleased to […]

Saskatchewan CAA presents Awards of Excellence to tow truck drivers

Nine towing contractors from around the province of Saskatchewan were recently recognized as recipients of the CAA Saskatchewan 2017 Roadside Assistance Award of Excellence.

Saskatchewan, Regina — November 23, 2017 — Nine towing contractors from around the province of Saskatchewan were recently recognized as recipients of the CAA Saskatchewan 2017 Roadside Assistance Award of Excellence. This prestigious award recognizes contractors that provide consistent, professional and reliable emergency roadside assistance to CAA Members. The annual award is given to only […]

CAA urges regulation updates on dealing with consumer towing complaints

Elliott Silverstein, Manager of government relations, CAA SCO. In August 2017, CAA engaged Ipsos to conduct a survey of Ontario drivers around their knowledge of their rights and the rules and regulations for the towing industry. The research indicated that motorists are largely unfamiliar with their rights and do not feel overly protected.

Thornhill, Ontario — November 14, 2017 — With continued instances of harrowing stories from motorists involving unscrupulous tow truck drivers on Ontario roads, CAA South Central Ontario (CAA SCO) is reminding motorists of their consumer rights and is calling on the Ontario government to make provincial regulation a priority. While changes to the Consumer Protection Act took effect on January […]

CAA and PTAO kick off Tow Safety Week and remind motorists to slow down, move over

Thornhill, Ontario — August 22, 2017 — CAA and the Provincial Towing Association of Ontario (PTAO) are reminding motorists to make space for tow trucks providing service on the shoulder of the highway and to avoid “rubbernecking” when passing a highway incident. “Tow truck drivers, along with police and emergency service providers, are responding to […]