Go Slow for Tows: CAA gives warning after towing collisions

CAA South Central Ontario (CAA SCO) is reminding motorists to “slow down, move over” after two tow trucks have been struck by motorists while working in the GTA.

“This has been a very troubling week for all of us at CAA. Everyone deserves a safe place to work–even on the side of the road,” wrote Teresa Di Felice, the assistant vice president of community relations at CAA SCO. “We urge motorists to exercise caution and to adhere to the law when driving past emergency vehicles and tow operators who are assisting people on the side of the road.”

This influx of collisions ironically arrives just after the fourth annual Tow Safety Week in September. While the motorists who did not slow down or move over received injuries, both tow operators involved were fortunately uninjured, though one operator needed to leap out of the way of the collision while outside his vehicle.

CAA SCO reminds the public that failure to follow the “slow down and move over” law could result in a fine of $490, with subsequent offences looking at $1,000 to $4,000 fines with possible jail time.

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