Steck puts a wedge between itself and competition with new clamp

Dayton, Ohio — March 5, 2014 — Steck has announced the release of the company’s latest wedge clamp.

Some of today’s new vehicles may require additional pressure and surface area to spread the force along the door when performing unlocks. New vehicles are being built with sturdier window frames that necessitates the additional pressure when unlocking the vehicle.

Larger vehicles have larger doors which also may require additional pressure when performing unlocks. Super Easy Wedge (PN 32923) is a larger version of the Easy Wedge to be used as an accessory with our BigEasy Lockout kits. The Super Easy Wedge as well as our Easy Wedge are inserted to create a controlled opening of the vehicle door. Once inserted the wedge can be inflated to the desired size, allowing you to insert your BigEasy tool to safely unlock the vehicle. Our bigger wedge can provide more power as well as a bigger opening to be able to maneuver the BigEasy lockout tool.

Super Easy Wedge is made in the U.S., is a seven by nine inch inflatable wedge made from ballistic nylon to prevent slippage in extreme weather. The Super Easy Wedge will also have a taffeta print on the exterior with a 30-gauge polypropylene insert for stiffness which will lead to ease of insertion into the vehicle. The Super Easy Wedge has a contact area of 2.5 by 4.5 inches,  giving the wedge 168.75 pounds of force. The bulb has been increased by 50 percent to allow for fewer compressions to fill the wedge.

The Super Easy Wedge also provides more power and has a larger surface area allowing for larger openings and better weight distribution resulting in a smaller chance of damage to a vehicle when trying to unlock it.

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