New towing bylaw to regulate accident scenes

By CTAR Staff

New Tecumseth, Ontario — February 5, 2014 —  A new towing bylaw is being written within the town to regulate how towing companies operate their businesses within the Nottawasaga OPP jurisdiction.

A Collision Towing License provision would added to New Tecumseth’s Business Licensing and Regulation bylaw which would drive how towers can operate near accident scenes while further placing restrictions on their towing rates.

Under these new provisions, the range of fees towers can charge for their services is roughly $350 plus an additional $3/km for any distance a vehicle is towed beyond the owner’s vehicle storage area. The new bylaw also sets impound storage at $60 per day.

The bylaw includes the following:

  • companies must obtain licensing for all of its drivers and for itself
  • mandatory liability insurance of $2 million
  • storage compounds should be located in the service area
  • fencing requirements must be met for the storage compound
  • defining an appeals process for refusal to issue licenses, suspensions and hearing notices
  • mandatory inspection powers for law enforcement personnel to ensure towers meet safety requirements
  • establishing fair license fees for owners and towers

The licensing guidelines were sparked by a request from Nottawasaga OPP withthe goal of implementing universal towing guidelines throughout the region, with the drafted suggestions being a collection of their proposed ideas. These guidelines were designed to tend to concerns over public safety, overpayment to towers and fundamental standardizations.

It’s hoped the new guidelines will deter aggressive towers from entering accident scenes, with the company chosen to assist accident victims decided by an Incident Commander. It’s hoped that with these new regulations relating to vehicles, equipment, training and safety that all accident scene stakeholders will remain safe.

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