RCMP remind New Brunswick motorists to move over

Moncton, New Brunswick — March 2, 2015 — RCMP in Southeastern New Brunswick are working to enforce the province’s Move Over law.

Local authorities conducted a recent traffic operation along Highway 2, on February 27 to March 1, issuing tickets to drivers failing to slow down and move over for emergency vehicles with their lights flashing.

“Emergency personnel place themselves at risk when they respond to incidents and provide help to people on our roadways,” Cpl. Yannick Madelaine, Southeast District RCMP Traffic Services Supervisor, said in a release.

The province’s current legislation aims to protect police, firefighters and paramedics, directing motorists to practice caution when approaching parked emergency vehicles by moving to the left, or into another lane if possible.

“Situations become even more dangerous in the winter months when roads are slippery, snow banks are high, and some roads are narrowed due to snow accumulation,” Madelaine says. “It only takes a split second for a collision to occur, so it’s critical that motorists give us the room we need to do our work by slowing down, and wherever possible, moving over when they see emergency lights flashing.”

Motorists failing to abide by New Brunswick’s Move Over law face a fine of $292.50 and three demerit points. To date, the legislation does not include tow trucks in its listed emergency vehicles.

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