New Folding Ramp Flatbed from Miller Industries

Ooltewah, Tennessee — October 8, 2013 — Miller Industries has introduced its new Folding Ramp Flatbed (FRF) industrial carrier to serve the growing number of towers who have diversified their towing and recovery business to include transportation of construction, agriculture and rental equipment.

The FRF’s deck is 28-ft. by 8.5-ft. wide to accommodate a wide variety of heavy equipment with both tracks or tires. The deck sits just over five inches off the chassis frame to accommodate many tall loads, and with the fold out rear ramp and tail section, Miller Industries says equipment can be quickly and easily loaded onto the FRF.

The FRF is standard with a 20,000 lb. planetary winch with air free spool and both manual and wireless controller to operate both the ramp and winch. The deck is constructed of a combination of steel and Apitong wood, and with the low height, the operator can secure most loads while standing safely on the ground using the 24 key slots located down the sides of the FRF to secure the load. A Reese style hitch receiver and 7-way plug are also standard to accommodate towing a trailer behind the FRF. The FRF is designed for a tandem axle chassis with a minimum 190-inch cab to bogie and 56,500 lbs. gross vehicle weight.

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The new Folding Ramp Flatbed from Miller Industries.
The new Folding Ramp Flatbed from Miller Industries.

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