Mario’s Towing pulls out vehicle submerged in lake

A member of Mario Towing's team gets into Okanagan Lake to hook the winch up.

Okanagan Valley, British Columbia — August 15, 2017 — A Tow Truck Driver went on an unexpected swim last week, after the driver of a vehicle and trailer carrying a boat ended up in Okanagan Lake, outside a pub.

The vehicle was submerged for at least half an hour before Mario’s Towing arrived on the scene.

“One came with the winch which pulled them out and then there was a flatbed that took them away. Someone had to swim under the water to hook the winch up and once they got it hooked up they just pulled him out,” said Shawn Daley, Cook at Rose’s Waterfront Pub.

Daley was watching from the pub patio and said there were about 100 other people witnessed the event go down. RCMP officers were also on the scene.

“I think he just forgot to put it in drive and hit the gas and away he went,” said Daley.

According to Daley, the driver didn’t have far to swim.

“All he did was climb out his window and the dock was right there.”

Daley said he’s never seen anything like this before outside the pub.

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