BREAKING: GTA towing murder suspects in police custody

Toronto, Ontario — Two boys wanted for the murder of Toronto-based tow truck operator Hashin Kinani have voluntarily given themselves over to Police.

The 15-year-old and 17-year-old suspects have been charged with murder and attempted murder for Kinani, who was shot in his tow truck in Etobicoke last week. Two suspects matching the description of the boys were seen running away from the scene by witnesses.

On Friday, Toronto police had issued a warrant for the arrest for the older of the two boys last week. They also received special permission from an Ontario judge to share his name with media, despite rules which generally prevent the publication of details about suspects under the age of 18. With the arrest, the ban on the printing of the suspect’s name is once again in effect.

Officers found Kinani dead inside his tow truck near Panorama Court and Kipling Avenue at some time before 7:40 p.m. The crime, which was committed in daylight, was reported to Police who arrived on the scene minutes after gunshots had been heard.

Kinani is not the first towing professional in the GTA to have been shot in similar circumstances. In the past eighteen months, at least seven similar attacks have occurred, leaving three other towing professionals dead. Toronto Police have described the violence as being part of a broader ‘gang war’ making life difficult for many Toronto towing professionals.

Despite the police’s description of the situation as a gang war, many towing professionals say the violence isn’t just targetting towing professionals involved in criminal enterprises. As Canadian Towing Professional has reported, the vast majority of victims are not connected to any organizations believed to be suspicious by Police.


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