APS to enforce Mississauga tow truck licensing system

Misssissauga, Ontario — June 17, 2015 — The city of Mississauga has announced the administrative penalty system (APS) will be used to enforce recent amendments to the municipality’s tow truck and public licensing bylaws.

Effective July 13, penalty notices, similar to parking tickets, will be issued to those in violation of the Tow Truck Licensing Bylaw 521-04 and Public Vehicle Licensing Bylaw 420-04. Failure to respond to penalty notices by the marked due date may result in additional fees.

The amendments to the city’s tow truck licensing system take effect July 1, with the intent to improve safety by ensuring tow trucks meet Ministry of Transportation requirements and city bylaws, according to the city.

Under the new system, two types of licensed trucks can operate in Mississauga: general towing for hire, or accident-related towing, and contract towing not for hire—which refers to other types of towing, such as scrap vehicle businesses or private non-accident. General towing for hire trucks must be employed by a licensed brokerage in Mississauga with a licensed vehicle pound facility in the city. All current plates must be replaced with the appropriate licence type by July 1.

Bylaw amendments allow the city to enforce the licensing requirements outlined in the new system, through the Provincial Offences Act and the Licensing Administrative Penalty By-law.

A report on APS was presented to the Public Vehicle Advisory Committee and Towing Industry Committee in early 2015. The process is currently used to resolve violations of the city’s Parking ByLaw, and Animal Care and Control Bylaw.

More information on the city’s tow truck licensing system can be found at mississauga.ca.

For more on APS, please visit mississauga.ca/portal/cityhall/aps.

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