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For too many years, Canada’s towing and recovery community has not been recognized for its work keeping Canada’s roads clear and its drivers safe. This magazine exists to help change this. Welcome to the first-ever issue of Canadian Towing Professional.

What follows is an assortment of stories, many of which celebrate the inspiring business leaders and industry workers making a difference on Canada’s roads. By telling these stories, this magazine aims to take a leading role in spurring Canadians to rethink their prejudices of the tow community and recognize its vital role in the country’s well-being.

Our coverage will also provide business advice that will help professionals ensure they are able to perform their duties as employers, roadside rescuers and first responders more effectively. As you will see in this issue, the magazine’s articles address key challenges and opportunities facing businesses in all areas of the towing sector, offer realistic solutions and strategic insights—many of them simple, ingenious ideas offering the opportunity for immediate increases in profits.

This opening issue of our magazine could not have been produced without the support of many leading members of Canada’s towing and recovery sector. Its strength comes from the insights these leading industry figures provided to its production team. Our staff are grateful for the guidance that these industry figures provided and look forward to working with them in future issues.

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We are also delighted to invite you to get in direct contact with our editorial team, at 905-370-0101. Your insights about our coverage and your thoughts on the industry as-a-whole are invaluable to us. If you share the dream of a Canada that takes pride in the professionalism and courage of its towing and recovery community, we look forward to hearing from you.

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