Up From the Depths: N.S. tow pro involved in RCMP undersea operation

A Nova Scotia towing professional, Chris Doucet, has provided the RCMP with vital assistance in its investigation of a dangerous hoax involving a vehicle driven into the sea.

On February 29, a red compact was driven over a wharf and into the Atlantic in Cape St Mary’s, N.S in the early evening. RCMP received reports that the incident was possibly the result of a collision, and likely to have been fatal.

“I was coming back from a trip when I got the call,” Chris Doucet told Canadian Towing Professional. “I met with police at the warf on Sunday morning.
By that point, the police had become aware that the incident was likely to be a hoax. A video was released on social media showing a driver intentionally driving over the edge of the wharf in diving gear at the behest of cheering onlookers.“The RCMP wasn’t too happy about the situation,” says Doucet. “The incident wasted a lot of people’s time.”Police remained concerned that another person may have been in the vehicle. Police divers investigate the vehicle underwater, and secured the vehicle to the lift’s chain.

“It was about 20 feet (6.5 m) deep. The first time we tried to bring it up, the crossbar broke,” Doucet recalls, “It was completely ripped out.”
The second attempt was more successful, and Doucet’s boom truck was able to pull it out.

In the days following the incident, the RCMP has identified the people it believes to have been involved in the video.
“It was not the smartest thing to have done with a Saturday night,” says Doucet. “I don’t know what they were thinking.”
Doucet and an assistant involved in the operation were both thanked by the RCMP for their work.
“I do quite a bit of work with the RCMP,” says Doucet. “I’m reliable.”

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