HTL 4000 Sneeker Wheel Lift

Named for its subtle look, the Sneaker Wheel Lift is capable of lifting 1,550 kg (3,500 lbs) when fully extended, and has a 3,400 kg (7,800 lbs) tow rating. It has an engine-mounted, belt-driven clutch pump kit, a 12-volt electric hydraulic pump, and an air suspension kit. The Sneeker’s fully extendable stage stinger allows for retraction to go from one bumper to another. The three functions of the hydraulic system allow operators to perform labour-free wheel hook-ups. It is operated by a wireless radio signal remote.

Stealth Unit

The hauler Body Stealth is ideal for light-duty towing with underbody mounting, in-cab controls, and removable jaws. The unit has a hydraulic underbody wheel lift, making it ideal for dual rear wheel pickups. It lays flat on the ground for a low clearance hookup. The unit features in-cab controls, two toolboxes, three storage boxes, ratchets, straps, safety chains, tire spacer blocks and a tow light plug. Options include a remote camera, a clutch pump kit and frame support upgrades.

Forklift Wrecker by Minute Man Wheel Lifts

Sometimes, the simplest design is the best. Designed with ease-of-use in mind, the Forklift Wrecker allows operators to quickly lift vehicles with a forklift. With no additional hydraulics required, the Forklift Wrecker immediately transforms a forklift into a vehicle lifter that secures itself around immobile vehicles in minutes.

Heavy Duty Wheel-Lift

Want to build a lift based on your specific needs? Zack Lift provides ruggedly constructed lifts designed to be as customizable as possible. Options include wireless remotes with rechargeable batteries and six or eight function winches. If a non-PTO/pump use is required, a 12V self-contained power system can be subbed.

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