The PTAO’s annual charity golf tournament another success!

PTAO President Joey Gagne presenting the money raised to Shriners Potentate Dave Rawn. The money went towards the Rameses Shriners Hospital Fund to help kids and fund their operations.

By Josh White

New Market, Ontario — June 30, 2017 — The Provincial Towing Association of Ontario (PTAO) recently held its annual charity golf tournament in New Market. Hosted at the Cardinal Golf Club, the event raised money for the Rameses Shriners Hospital Building Fund; a charity funding the operations for the children at the hospital.

The Canadian Shriners Hospital for Children has been running for 92 years in Montreal. It helps children by providing orthopedic specialty care and making ground-breaking research. The PTAO golf tournament this year has done a substantial amount by donating the proceeds to the hospital. “One-hundred percent of the money goes to the kids and funding the operations for them,” said Doug Nelson, PTOA Executive Director.

At the tournament, attendees were invited to network with one another, bringing different areas of the industry together for a little friendly competition and mingling for a great cause. According to the PTAO, for towers it provided “the opportunity to entertain your favourite customers and meet your vendors on a casual basis.” Between the networking opportunities and the charitable focus of the tournament, the PTAO is certainly doing a lot for the industry and beyond.

Although the weather was not as cooperative as hoped, that did not stop the many dedicated golfers. Beginning with a lunch and then right on to the tournament, many played through the rain for the good of the charity. The tournament was followed by a dinner as well, all included in the event. With roughly 85 attendees, the tournament was a success for the PTAO and the Shriners Hospital. The PTAO would like to thank the long list of sponsors and participants that made this event possible.

When asked if the success meant they will continue with the tournament, Nelson said “oh yes, we do it every year.” With this optimistic comment, towers can look forward to another year of golfing, and networking for a great cause.

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