The PTAO announces location for next PTAO Tow Show

A shot from the 2017 PTAO Tow Show, in Markham, Ontario. PTAO recently announced that the show will be held in Markham once again, in the summer of 2018.

By Erin McLaughlin

Bracebridge, Ontario — November 16, 2017 — The Provincial Towing Association (Ontario) has announced the location for next year’s annual PTAO Tow Show and Provincial Championship Competitions—Markham, Ontario. Every year, the Tow Show holds a number of events, information sessions and competitions for the towing industry.

Judy Hillman, Administrative Assistant at PTAO commented on the decision to host the show in Markham. “Markham has the space we need to hold our competitions and grow.” She added, “We’ve been there for a couple years, and are comfortable in the area.”

The announcement received mixed reactions from Tow Show regulars. One user commented that while the show was great, the Markham venue is too far from hotels and restaurants. Another user commented that she was, “Glad to hear this.”

According to Hillman, more information on next year’s PTAO Tow Show should be coming out early 2018.

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