Submerged vehicle recovered at Regina Beach, SK

by Anna Davey

Regina Beach, Saskatchewan — January 11, 2016 —Tyler Temple of TRK Towing was involved in an exciting recovery at Regina Beach, SK on December 29, 2015.

The truck, which broke through the ice on December 26, 2015, was submerged in the water off Regina Beach at Last Mountain Lake. The owner of the truck had been on his way to an ice fishing competition when his truck fell through the ice.

“It’s a big ice cube,” Temple was quoted as saying by the CBC. “The interior’s full of water, and it’s just frozen like an ice cube.”

Temple stated that safety was his biggest priority in recovering the vehicle, especially as the ice no thicker than 2” (5cm) for the majority of the recovery. Chain sawing was required through the ice to clear a path for the frozen truck.

A spokesperson for SGI told the CBC that while submerged vehicles are assessed on a case-by-case basis, the truck was likely a total write off.

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