RCMP pursue pedal-happy motorists for Speed Enforcement month

Edmonton, Alberta — April 9, 2015 — RCMP are cracking down on speeding motorists this month, including those in violation of Alberta’s Move Over Law. The Athabasca Advocate reports RCMP and Sheriffs are keeping their eyes peeled for dangerous drivers throughout April as part of Speed Enforcement month. Athabasca/Boyle Integrated Traffic Unit (ITU)  Sgt. Sonny Kim told the Advocate excessive speeding and distracted driving are the leading causes of collisions along the town’s Highway 63. He says obeying speeding laws saves lives. “The faster you drive, the longer it takes to react and slow down,” Kim said in the report. In addition to enforcing posted speed limits, authorities will also be monitoring motorists to ensure compliance of section 115 of the province’s Traffic Safety Act. By law, drivers must slow down to 60 km/hr or lower and moving to an adjacent lane if possible, when passing parked emergency vehicles—including tow trucks—with their lights flashing. Motorists in violation of the Move Over Law face demerit points and fines ranging from $115 to $703, based on the severity of their speeding offence. The province plans to increase fines by an average of 35 percent this year, reaching a maximum of $949. Kim’s unit, which covers a large northeastern area of the province, hands out around 1,200 to 1,300 speeding tickets per month, according to the report.

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