Prince Rupert amends bylaw to allow for towing yard

Prince Rupert, British Columbia — August 19, 2015 — The City of Prince Rupert has moved to amend a zoning bylaw to allow for an impound lot on Kaien Island.

City council members made the decision, permitting the proposed lot, to be located along Prince George Street to Prince Rupert Boulevard, at a public hearing on August 17, CJFW FM reports.

Councillor Wade Niesh told CJFW that while the area was already light industrial, impound lots weren’t listed under the M1 zoning, so council voted to include them–a decision welcomed by the staff at Jay’s Custom Towing.

“There’s been a shortage of industrial land in Prince Rupert, so Jay’s [Custom] Towing and a property owner have entered into an agreement to basically have a property where he can store vehicles, and that’s why there’s the notice of rezoning,” Mayor Lee Brain said in the report.

Jay’s Custom Towing’s Sherri Ritson-Rogers says the team is looking forward to making the move from the business’ current 200 Crestview Drive address.

“The biggest obstacle has been the shortage of available and or affordable properties on Kaien Island right now,” Ritson-Rogers told CJFW. “We are so grateful to the Prince Rupert city councillors and Mayor Lee Brain […] and taking the time to deal with the rezoning issues.”

While there weren’t any members of the public present at the time of the hearing, a letter was submitted outlining concerns about the lot’s potential for disruptive late night activities. In response, council passed a motion to ensure loud noises and flashing lights will not occur during nighttime hours.

“We are going to turn off the back-up alarm off the truck, and we will shut off the beacon before turning off Saskatoon Avenue,” Ritson-Rogers added. “We want very much to be good neighbours.”

Niesh says further details and requirements, such as the inclusion of a fence and proper lighting, are to be finalized.

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