Prince George city council relaxes new towing regulations

By CTAR Staff

Prince George, British Columbia — January 7, 2014 — City council has approved new parking enforcement protocols that would allow for vehicles to be towed if it’s illegally parked and has two unpaid parking tickets.

At a council meeting on Jan. 6, the city approved the procedure despite initial reservations from select councillors who were concerned at first about the number tickets needed to warrant a tow–which was initially set at one unpaid parking violation–while another Prince George councillor voiced concern about motorists’ ability to see fire hydrants or illegal zones when obscured by snowfalls.

The new bylaw, in addition to clarifying the protocols for tows related to unpaid parking tickets, is also a $50 administration charge.

Council also discussed the matter of private parking towing, where drivers who park in private lots can be protected with the city laying out both the minimum signage and maximum charges required before a vehicle can be towed.

The decision comes as the city begins to implement new license recognition software that would identify past offenses.

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