Ontario Liberals revive auto insurance and towing bills

By CTAR Staff Toronto, Ontario — July 16, 2014 — Despite falling off the radar following the call of the June election, the Ontario Liberals plan to revive two bills focusing on reducing auto insurance rates while implementing consumer protections for the towing industry. Originally unveiled in the spring, the Ontario Liberals introduced the bills to help reduce auto insurance rates and provide consumers with enhanced rights when dealing with tow truck operators. Bill 189, which will likely now be passed given the government’s majority status, outlines the following guidelines for tow truck operations. Once passed into law, towers must:

  • Have permission from a consumer or someone acting on behalf of the consumer before charging for towing and storage services
  • Publicly post prices and other information, like the operator’s name and contact information
  • Accept credit card payments from consumers
  • Provide an itemized invoice listing the services provided and the total cost.

“We are strengthening consumer protection for drivers involved in traffic collisions or in need of roadside assistance. Drivers should have the confidence that the tow truck operator helping them is reputable and will treat them fairly,” Liberal Minister of Consumer Services Tracy MacCharles stated in an April 2014 government release. For further reading, please read “Ontario introduces towing and vehicle storage legislation” and “IBAO calls for reintroduction of tow legislation with Liberal majority” on TowProMag.com.  

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