Nomad USB iPhone chargers ideal for towers

By Andrew Ardizzi

Our mobile phones are everything to us nowadays, in that I mean we use them for everything because they’ve evolved so much and come so far since the days of phones the size of our forearms–never mind those plugged into a wall–that they’re a catch-all device that can place calls, surf the internet and be an organizer, entertainment unit, camera and all-around utility tool. And then it dies. Like any battery-based piece of technology it’s inevitable that it will deplete with use. So the more calls you place, the more photos you take, videos you watch on YouTube or games you play; the more you use it, the faster the battery hits those critical 20 percent and 10 percent warnings from your iPhone telling you you’re nearing complete disconnection from the online world. We can’t always have our chargers on us, and when we do it’s inconvenient to carry around both components of your iPhone charger, not to mention how seamlessly easy it is for your cord to get tangled in perpetually unconquerable knots that defy logic. Perhaps that’s why when Noah Dentzel and Adam Miller launched their crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo in 2012 with the hope of creating convenient and effective iPhone chargers, it was resoundingly supported on both funding platforms by contributors who together raised over $334,000 to launch the chargers. And the novelty of it is that they come in convenient key chain and credit card sizes that fit onto your key chains or into your wallets with ease.

Nomad Charge Key
The Nomad Charge Key attaches easily to your key ring, giving you another charging option for iPhones when you’re on the go.

I recently had the chance to test out Nomad’s Charge Card and Charge Key chargers and they work wonderfully. They’re durably designed and flexible, with connecting ports made for the most recent iPhone 5, 5S and 5C devices. The key chain is shaped like a hockey stick and sports a full-sized USB connector on one end and a connector that slides into your iPhone’s port at the other. The key chain boasts a small key ring loop that easily slides onto your set of keys, while the flexible neck lets you maneuver your connected phone as you need to. While you can simply use the key ring to connect your phone to something simplistic like a computer, the real value as a tow operator is that it’s fully compatible with vehicle stereo USB ports as well, meaning you’ll never have to worry about your phone dying while waiting for your next service opportunity. The company’s Charge Card possesses the same abilities, but also provides the bonus of being more adaptable, as it can connect to your vehicle stereo or radio system, but fits right into your wallet like a debit card. No matter which you ultimately need, they are built to be partially weather-resistant and to hang from USB connecting ports. A tower’s work requires necessary amounts of convenience and durability, something Nomad’s portable charging devices provide. For when you need your iPhone back to 100 percent as soon as possible, Nomad’s chargers work as fast as a standard Apple iPhone charger and are engineered to be scratch and damage-resistant. While there is no direct way to plug the Charge devices into wall sockets in the event you’re at your favourite coffee shop, it is compatible with Apple’s wall socket plug making an all-around more convenient and mobile way to keep your phone charged so when that tow call comes in you’re ready for action. For more information on Nomad and its devices, please visit

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