Newfoundland tow truck driver lucky to be alive

Tanner Isaacs

A tow truck driver from Logy Bay-Middle Cove-Outer Cove in Newfoundland has survived a close call after being injured by a vehicle on Pitts Memorial Drive on Friday morning.

Tanner Isaacs, 23, who had just started his first week at R&D Towing, was loading a car with two flat tires onto his truck at 4am when another automobile slammed straight into his vehicle.

Speaking to CBC News, Issacs said: “The deck of the truck was about a foot off the ground, which I think soaked up most of the impact, changing the direction of the car and letting it, what I think, go right over me instead of into me. It’s not a situation you want to be in, but it’s definitely nice to be here still.”

Issacs was taken to the hospital following the incident, and was released later on Friday with a cut on his head and his ear.

“[it was] definitely an eye-opener for the whole tow-truck scene. The close calls are way too common and unfortunately this had to happen,” he added. “[I’m] a bit sore, but definitely [shaken] up over it.”

CBC News also reported that similar incidents had happened to two other employees, Greg and Rob Squires, at R&D Towing in the past.

Rob Squires told the news website that he had almost been “cleaned out” out on Pitts Memorial Drive when a vehicle lost control trying to pass him while he was loading a vehicle.

“I’d just like to see people slow down and move over when you see somebody on the side of the road, whether it’s a tow truck, a police car, construction workers, anybody,” he said. “It’s just common courtesy. It’s somebody’s life on the line.”

The driver of the vehicle who collided with Isaacs’ truck was taken to hospital by ambulance, and police are currently investigating.

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