Mississauga approves additional towing and storage regs

Mississauga, Ontario — April 15, 2016 — The city council of Mississauga has approved additional regulations and procedures including a vehicle towing and storage online software application and creation of a subcommittee with the mission of improving consumer protection and safety for vehicle towing and storage.

According to an official statement, the subcommittee is to review options to help eliminate chasing. The subcommittee will be formed of Mayor Bonnie Crombie, Ron Starr Councillor Ward 6 and Towing Industry Advisory Committee Chair, Matt Mahoney Councillor Ward 8 and Vice Chair of the Towing Advisory Industry Committee, Nando Iannicca Councillor Ward 7 and Carolyn Parrish Councillor Ward 5.

“We are looking at what is best for the consumer and taxpayer while ensuring safety, good governance, transparency and value for tax dollars,” said Mayor Bonnie Crombie. “Consumer protection on this matter is important. At this time, we did not feel that operating our own pound was the best option for Mississauga. The options we are looking at would provide significant consumer protection and generate fewer complaints and risks against the city.”

Provincially, towing in Ontario is partially regulated through Bill 15, also known as the “Fighting Fraud and Reducing Automobile Insurance Rates Act.” While the main focus of Bill 15 is reducing insurance rates, it contains a number of provisions to regular towing and vehicle storage.

“We are leading on this issue and in many ways our current by-law is aligned with Bill 15 and in some aspects it is more strict,” said Ron Starr, Councillor, Ward 6 and Chair of the Towing Industry Advisory Committee. “Towing and storage of vehicles impacts a great number of residents, industry stakeholders, police agencies and other levels of government in different ways. We need to modernize how towing and storage is being regulated. We will not be limiting our overall review but will be examining all available options.”

Tow trucks for hire in Mississauga are licensed by the City. In 2015, Mississauga Council requested the staff report on the feasibility of establishing a city-run vehicle pound facility. Other alternatives to a city-run vehicle pound facility were reviewed as well and compiled into the Centralized Vehicle Pound Facility Feasibility Study. You can read the study at this link.

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