Miller releases new spreader bar

Ooltewah, Tennessee —- March 11, 2015 -– Miller Industries is now offering a new spreader bar that works in conjunction with its full line of heavy-duty products.

The adjustable, five-piece bar is designed for use in all ranges of lifting applications, from heavy through light-duty, allowing for straight vertical lifts without damaging or collapsing the sides of the casualty.

The company says the spreader bar can easily be adjusted to 100-inch, 105-inch and 110-inch width positions, and offers a load rating to 20 tons/40,000 lbs for 40 to 60 degree inclination angles, and to 15 tons/30,000 lbs for 30 to 40 degree inclination angles.

Weighing 108 lbs when fully assembled — excluding screw pin shackles — with its heaviest part coming in at 37 lbs, the company says the biggest advantage of the product’s design is the weight savings.

Miller’s new spreader bar meets all ASME standards, certification requirements and lifting regulatons. It is sold separately, and does not include lifting hardware.

For more information, or to contact your closest Miller distributor, please visit or call toll free at 1-800-292-0330.

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