Manitoba towers call for change in tow truck classification

Winnipeg, Manitoba — March 23, 2015 — Towing operators are calling on Manitoba Infrastructure and Technology (MIT) to change the classification of tow trucks, allowing them access to weight-restricted roads.

Metro News reports towing companies recently met with MIT to discuss classifying tow trucks as essential emergency vehicles, as the current rules often leave towers no choice but to break the law when called to haul heavy vehicles from roads under spring weight-restrictions.

“All year round we run on an annual over-weight permit, but during road restrictions that’s voided,” Crane Towing owner John Tennent told Metro. “During the rest of the year we’re able to overload our axles, but during spring weight-restrictions we can’t—but we still have to do the job.”

Under the current rules, operators aren’t permitted to tow essential vehicles like garbage trucks or fire trucks on weight-restricted roads until June 1, otherwise they face a maximum fine of $600.

“What can we do? We can’t leave a garbage truck sitting at the end of your driveway broken,” Tennent adds. “We’re taking all the risk.”

According to the report, MIT has yet to come to a decision, but will continue reviewing local tow truck companies’ concerns.

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