Lift calculator available from Canadian Towing Equipment

Canadian Towing Equipment includes a graphic showing how to take various measurements to use the calculator.

Ayr, Ontario — September 20, 2017 — How much can your truck lift? Canadian Towing Equipment has the answer. The company, headquartered in Ayr, Ontario, has included an easy-to-use calculator on its website.

A few caveats are in order before you use the calculator. As Canadian Towing Equipment notes, the calculator is for estimating purposes only, and results may vary with different types of rear suspensions on the tow truck and towed vehicle. The numbers it provides are based on ideal conditions.

To use the calculator, you simply input a number of measurements about the truck, including total weight, the unladen weights of front and rear axles, and other parameters. A graphic is provided to show you how to take some of the measurements.

You can find the calculator at

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