Illegal dumping angers Kelownians, local tow company pitches in

Kelowna, British Columbia — June 9, 2015 — Kelowna residents, regional district staff and a local towing business have teamed up to take charge of a messy situation following the discovery of an illegally abandoned camper last month.

Castanet reports the camper, found on Postill Lake Road above Ellison, is part of a much larger problem with illegal dumping in the Okanagan, and has prompted the Regional Waste Reduction Office to go public with the growing issue.

“There are definitely a number of hot spots in our region that get hit by chronic dumping and require regular clean up,” the program’s facilitator Rae Stewart said in the report, adding that discarded items, such as the camper, only serve to encourage the behaviour.

“Unfortunately, garbage begets more garbage. Some people see a pile and think they can just add to it,” says Stewart, noting that eco-conscious locals have helped in the efforts to stay on top of the situation by reporting any findings.

While the Regional Waste Reduction Office is working to track and monitor illegal dumping sites, community-minded businesses like Mario’s Towing have stepped up to the plate to help out. The company offered their services free of charge to haul the camper to the Glenmore landfill.

“We hugely appreciate their support,” says Stewart. “This kind of removal job will require heavy equipment, and plenty of manpower to get it gone.”

Stewart says the rash of illegal dumping is not only unattractive and costly to clean up, but can endanger wildlife, create wildfire and other environmental hazards.

Witnesses of illegal dumping can submit reports online at, or contact the Regional Waste Reduction Office at 250-469-6250.

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