Facebook group helps provide assistance to Saskatchewan drivers

Regina, Saskatchewan — February 11, 2015 — A Saskatchewan-based Facebook group is aiming to connect motorists in need with those able and willing to lend a hand.

Created February 2, 306 Recovery Group is the brainchild of 16-year-old Edenwold resident Stuart Hall, who was inspired after noticing the high demand for help in online car clubs.

Hall told Global News that the group — where drivers can post requests for free assistance with minor issues, including receiving a boost or having their vehicle recovered from a ditch — doesn’t set out to replace towing professionals.

“Lots of our members are actually tow truck drivers, or retired tow truck drivers,” Hall said in the report.

Global News also spoke with local representatives from the towing and insurance industries, who voiced concerns regarding the risks associated with amateur assistance — noting property damage and liability issues.

Hall says his ultimate goal is to work with professional towers and turn the group into a non-profit organization, helping to raise funds to cover towing costs for members who can’t afford it.

The group’s page shares the contact information of Saskatchewan towing companies with over 1,300 members, the bulk of which residing within the province.

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