Dawson Creek to permit parked tow trucks in neighbourhoods

Dawson Creek, British Columbia — April 21, 2015 — Towing companies are calling on Dawson Creek City Council to allow tow truck drivers with emergency contracts to park in residential areas.

The Alaska Highway News reports the request to amend an existing bylaw prohibiting five-tonne vehicles from parking in neighbourhoods came to council April 13. In her appeal, Wandy Landry, a representative of Exceptional Towing & Recovery, told council the province recognizes tow trucks as emergency vehicles, and the company’s drivers — who are under contract with the RCMP — are required to be on the scene of  an accident within 15 minutes. “We need to be able to respond to emergencies [as] quickly as possible [and] therefore need to have the tow truck parked nearby,” Landry said in the report, noting that the heavy duty trucks are the only vehicles capable of hauling the region’s popular pickups. In response, council has tentatively approved the parking of RCMP contracted tow trucks on residential streets. Administration is currently looking into permit options to help tweak the policy in place. Findings are to be delivered at a later date.

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