Cox stresses environmental conscientiousness with Rupture Seal

By Andrew Ardizzi

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island — April 28, 2014 — Rupture Seal President and CEO Glenn Cox is endeavouring to make the environment a little bit cleaner with the company’s fluid sealer.

“The purpose of the Rupture Seal is to safely seal ruptures to protect the environment and to save lives,” says Cox. “Our mission statement is that life safety and environmental protection are far too important for us not to protect it.”

Developed in 2011, the Rupture Seal is designed to limit the amount of harmful chemicals that leak into the environment during fuel tank spills, contaminating the surrounding areas and harming the environment itself, and the animals and people inhabiting an area. In order to plug any fuel tank leak, end-users simply only need to insert the pin inside the puncture, and then gently pull the handle back to deploy the seal into the hole to prevent any further leaks.

“From a towing perspective, towers can pull up to an accident scene and be able to deploy the Rupture Seal instead of waiting for the fuel tank to stop leaking,” Cox says. “It gets the vehicles on the go much faster, and the scene is cleaned up so everyone can be on their way.”

Cox says it’s a win-win for all involved: towers, consumers, insurance companies and the environment alike. For towers, they aren’t waiting along the roadside and losing money while waiting for a scene to clear up, which is always dangerous for towers despite movement towards implementing more “Move Over” laws, while the consumer and other drivers are moved along faster. What’s additionally crucial however are the consequences of any fluid leaks for both the environment and insurance companies.

“If there’s fuel leaking from a truck, the Rupture Seal deploys the plug and keeps it from leaking further,” he says.

Canada’s Environmental Protection Act (EPA) states that each environmental clean-up is about $200 per litre, which means a 100 litre spill could cost upwards of $200,000 to clean up. Not only is the environment spared unnecessary excess damage from spills, but insurance companies are also spared thousands of dollars in costs.

Moreover, towers can purchase the sealer from a distributor, bill its use as part of their services and have it covered as part of their insurance plans to replace the used product.

Cox, a former firefighter and RCMP officer, says the Rupture Seal and the company’s other environmentally conscious products are a means to an end. And while they assure the stakeholders–towers, consumers, insurance companies and the natural habitat–are less impacted by the affects of harmful spills, technologies like the Rupture Seal are designed with the company’s core values in mind, predicated on what’s moral, legal and ethical, and to act with honesty and integrity. And it’s that dedication and innovation that has led to Cox being named a finalist for the Ernest C. Manning innovation award–an award which recognizes and encourages Canadian innovation–which will be announced in August 2014.

“I do things that are right by people and if you do that it’ll pay dividends,” he says. “In the end it’s all about saving the environment and protecting people’s lives.”

The Rupture Seal is currently available in 33 countries, while Cox is working towards making a deal to bring his sealer to South America. The sealer is available in Canada through Dentec Safety Specialists, with over 400 customers across the country.

To learn more about the Rupture Seal, please visit To find a distributor in your area, please call Rupture Seal at 902-370-3388.

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