Clear the Way: Edmonton calling on the government for new towing safety measures

Edmonton, Alberta — Alberta’s provincial government is being called on to approve new safety measures for tow truck operators after a man was hit responding to call in Edmonton on Friday.

The operator was putting out traffic cones at the scene of an accident when he was clipped by the side mirror of a passing vehicle. He sustained minor injuries, but the Alberta Motor Association says the incident represents a very serious⁠—and widespread⁠—issue.

In Alberta, drivers are legally required to slow down to 60 km/h when passing emergency vehicles with their lights flashing⁠—and that includes tow trucks.

Alberta’s tow truck operators are also calling for rules that would allow tow trucks to use both blue and amber lights.

The Alberta Motor Association has reportedly met with the province’s transportation minister but it is still awaiting answers.

As for the province’s tow truck operators⁠—they feel that drivers need to be held accountable for not following the ‘Move Over Alberta’ legislation.

“We need to ensure that the law is enforced and that people are following that safety on the road, for not only themselves but for the people that are impacted by this,” said Ken Bach, manager of Kingsway Towing.

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