City prepares to tow abandoned vehicles following Calgary snowstorm

By CTAR Staff

Calgary, Alberta — December 10, 2013 — Following a heavy dumping of snow in Calgary last week, city officials have made headway in moving vehicles stranded in the snow-covered communities of Taradale, Skyview, Ranch and Saddleridge.

Calgary’s roads department began towing vehicles out of the communities on Monday in their continuing efforts to clear the roads and remove much of the snow that accumulated throughout the snowfall.

Since the storm, road crews have had a difficult time reaching the affected communities but plan to move the cars blocking their way to safe areas so road crews can proceed.

While road crews had attempted to move some of the vehicles over the weekend, colder temperatures prevented them from completing their operations.

It isn’t clear how many vehicles need to be moved, but work has begun on the residential areas with specific locations being classified as either Priority 1 or Priority 2 neighbourhoods.

Crews may face colder and colder temperatures as they continue to clear the roads, with local temperatures expected to dip to -16 celsius from Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, with a windchill of -22.  Crews will see very little help from Mother Nature, as temperatures aren’t expect to warm until Dec. 15 when the thermometer gauge is expected to peak just above the freezing mark.

Until now residents have had to either dig their vehicles out, or abandon them in the street. The City of Calgary had offered, however, to send out tow trucks to aid motorists at no cost to the drivers.

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