Chop Stop: Police shut down illegal business

Toronto, Ontario — When a vehicle was illegally towed from a collision scene last month, police were able to trace it to a Scarborough business, where authorities then uncovered two stolen and dismantled luxury cars⁠—a 2015 BMW M4 and a 2017 Ferrari 4GS.

A local woman who had her vehicle towed without her consent last month told police her car had been taken to a Scarborough yard, where staff and owners refused to return her vehicle.

Authorities paid Kabi Auto a visit, but owners Nakul and Kabillian Vikneswaran still refused to turn the car over. They were arrested and officers conducted a search that uncovered two stolen vehicles with a combined value of more than $400,000.

The 2015 BMW M4 was dismantled, with the engine and front end completely removed and discarded beside the vehicle in storage.

Both Vikneswarans–who say their business is a tow yard–are facing charges for auto theft and possession of stolen property.

Nakul was also charged with fraud at more than $5,000.

Police used the opportunity to warn the public of “chaser” tow trucks and phony impound lots and tow yards, saying you should never let a tow operator take your vehicle until you see a Government of Ontario Towing Consumer Bill of Rights and a list of towing and storage rates which include any miscellaneous charges if any.

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