HTL 4000 Sneeker Wheel Lift SNEEKER LIFT Named for its subtle look, the Sneaker Wheel Lift is capable of lifting 1,550 kg (3,500 lbs) when fully extended, and has a 3,400 kg (7,800 lbs) tow rating. It has an engine-mounted, belt-driven clutch pump kit, a 12-volt electric hydraulic pump, and an air suspension kit. […]

Asked and Answered: White noise back-up systems

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan — Earlier this week, Saskatchewan towing professional Chris Kosty was taken aback by a sign on the back of a municipal snow plow. It read: Caution! New white noise back-up alarm. “I was travelling behind one of these guys and then I noticed the sign. My first thought was ‘I think my truck […]