California man attempts to remove vehicle from moving tow truck

A man struggles to remove his Nissan Altima from a moving tow truck in California.

Compton, California — August 5, 2017 — Last week in Compton, California, a desperate man took extreme measures in attempt to detach his Nissan Atima from a moving repo tow truck. The man had been unable to make a number of payments, and his vehicle was consequently taken from him.

But, unfortunately for the tow truck driver, it wasn’t quite that simple. As the tow-truck driver proceeded to drive off with the California man’s Nissan Altima, the man leapt onto the tow truck, crow bar in hand, began to try to free his vehicle from the tow truck, but not before smashing to tow truck’s rear window.

This wasn’t great for the tow truck driver or the man who wanted to get his car back by force. It wasn’t great for the Nissan Altima either, which was not properly hooked to the tow truck (likely because the driver didn’t have the time to employ proper towing practices, given the fact the Nissan owner was coming at him with a crow bar). A video taken by witnesses (as shown below) show the car swinging from left to right. There were also sparks spitting out from the bottom of the car as the front of the vehicle dragged along the concrete road. The vehicle will likely need a new bumper and underfloor TLC.

The ordeal lasted for about ten minutes before police arrived. The man involved is facing several charges.

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