CAA Manitoba experiment highlights need for Move Over awareness

Winnipeg, Manitoba — June 2, 2015 — The majority of motorists may need to brush up on the province’s Move Over law, according to a recent experiment conducted by CAA Manitoba and RCMP.

Global News reports that out of the 316 drivers who passed a staged tow-truck scene on the side of the Trans-Canada Highway just west of Winnipeg, nearly two thirds moved to an alternate lane — but a staggering 99 percent did not slow down.

CAA Manitoba president Mike Mager called the findings of the May 13 study shocking.

“The ones that pulled over, we had speeds that averaged 110 km/h and it was very concerning to have people go by like that at a high speed,” he told 680 News. “They’re moving over, but they’re not slowing down.”

RCMP officer Const. Shawn Smith echoed Mager’s sentiments in the Global report.

“You got people speeding and speeding past an emergency vehicle,” says Smith. “It’s unbelievable.”

According to legislation introduced in September 2014, motorists face a fine of $300 and two demerit points when failing to slow down when passing a roadside emergency vehicle  with their lights flashing. When approaching a tow truck, police cruiser or ambulance, drivers are to reduce their speed to 60 km/h in 80 km/h zones, and slow to 40 km/h in zones where the posted limit is below 80 km/h.

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