Big increase in Toronto tows over previous years

By Chris Gerics

Toronto, Ontario — April 8, 2016 — The towing business has seen an influx of work in Toronto due to Mayor John Tory’s commitment to cracking down on illegally parked vehicles during rush hour.

For 2014, the number of vehicles towed were 20,238 while in 2015, the number was doubled as towed vehicles totalled 42,763, including over 17,000 for roadside infractions.

Tory is reportedly quite pleased with how the enforcement has been put into practice, and is quite optimistic that drivers will alter the way the travel and do so safely. “I’m happy they’ve chosen to do it and happy with the results, in that I think it has changed some behaviour of some people, and that’s all you can do, in that they’ve stopped parking on busy streets during rush hour,” said Tory as reported in the Toronto Star.

Police Chief Mark Saunders said that the number of vehicles towed in September was 12,000 but after a second crackdown, that number jumped by more than 5,000 from October to December.

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