BC company offering unique service to North American drivers

By Mike Pickford

Kelowna, British Columbia — August 24, 2016 — A British Columbia-based collision reconstruction firm is seeking to expand its client base across North America after recently partnering up with another industry organization to develop a new, unique service to the public.

Having established Crashtec Canada shortly after his retirement from the RCMP, Lee Hamilton was looking for a way to best channel the knowledge attained from his career as a police officer into the collision reconstruction industry. Enter RoadScan Canada.

Founded in Kelowna in 2014, RoadScan Canada specializes in the distribution of vehicle dashboard cameras. Hamilton partnered up with a fellow law enforcement retiree to launch the company in an attempt to combine the sales of the dash cam with the support of collision reconstruction experts at Crashtec Canada. In bringing the two organizations together, Hamilton believes he has come up with the perfect recipe for success – both for his business and his customers.

“In combining these two services, the customer really does have the best of both worlds,” Hamilton told Canadian Towing & Recovery magazine. “If a customer using a RoadScan dash cam has a crash and needs assistance with determining causation or any other data needed, I am there to assist them through Crashtec.”

In combining the two services, Hamilton said he’s giving companies and the greater public in general the opportunity to potentially save thousands of dollars by dodging expensive engineering and possible legal fees following a collision.

“A big facet of the collision reconstruction industry is determining the point of impact in a crash. The big question is ‘who was at fault?’” Hamilton said. “Witnesses are typically very unreliable as they tend to look over once they’ve heard the crash, so they haven’t seen what exactly lead to or caused it. If you have a camera on your dash, you’re able to see exactly what happened – who drove through the red light, who crossed into the other vehicle’s lane. There’s no room for interpretation, you can see with your own eyes what happened.”

With several emergency service responders from across the continent already on board, Hamilton has started to push into the tow truck industry. Having struck up a partnership with BCAA in recent times, Hamilton is hoping to form similar relationships with other auto associations across Canada and the US.

While a large portion of his business pitch surrounds the efficiency of his combined service, Hamilton stressed his main focus is to promote safe driving.

“I’d like to think that if drivers knew they were on camera at all times, they’d drive more responsibly,” Hamilton said. “Having spent a large portion of my career with the RCMP working in collision reconstruction, I’m very interested in maintaining road safety.”

Coming in at a cost of $500 per unit Hamilton said he’s going to ensure he keeps the dash cam and expert support services affordable for everyone moving forward.

“One of the most important things with this is ensuring you provide your service for the right fee. People and companies have to see the value in your product,” Hamilton said. “What this dash cam does is allow people to see exactly what has taken place in a collision and really gives them a piece of mind to see who was at fault.”

He added, “This technology can be used by literally anything that has wheels on it. The value is there. You can’t put a price on the protection the dash cam brings to your drivers, your assets and your company.”

For more information, visit roadscancanada.ca

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