B.C. Bravery: Unknown tow pros help RCMP bust gun-wielding criminals

Vancouver, British Columbia — Two unidentified tow truck drivers participated in an RCMP operation to capture two men suspected of theft and firearms and narcotics-related crimes.

On Wednesday, a suspicious vehicle pulling a trailer reported as stolen was spotted in Northern B.C.

Shortly thereafter, a radio request was made to commercial truck drivers, asking for their help in preventing the suspicious vehicle from escaping police.

Two tow truck operators responded by blocking the vehicle into a section of the highway. A tanker truck driver also responded.

When the driver saw the trap, he drove the vehicle and its trailer into a ditch, attempting to get around the scene. After the vehicles became stuck, both the driver and a passenger escaped the vehicle and pointed a rifle at bystanders and one of the tow truck operators.

The suspects then ran into the woods, leaving their vehicle and the stolen trailer.

After being identified by police, both men turned themselves in.

Media Matters has not yet been able to confirm the identity of the assisting towing professionals with the RCMP.

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