Agero Donates $15,000 to the International Towing and Recovery Museum Survivor Fund

Medford, Massachusetts — December 22, 2015 — Agero, a provider of vehicle and driver safety, security and information services, announced it is donating $15,000 to the International Towing and Recovery Museum Survivor Fund as a result of a successful charity event the company sponsored from December 2-4, 2015. Agero’s Donations4Locations initiative is committed to giving back to the towers who risk their lives every day, while also building awareness of the value that location-based GPS technology brings to both drivers and towers worldwide.

“Most people likely don’t realize that the towing industry is an extremely dangerous profession. Sadly, in fact, more than one tow truck operator is killed every week assisting motorists,” said Dave Ferrick, CEO of Agero. “As first responders, frequently along the side of high traffic roadways, these individuals are putting their lives at risk every day in order to help their customers. As a partner in the service provider community, we are honored to help support the families of those brave men and women, and raise awareness among drivers nationwide of the importance of using caution when passing a roadside incident.”

The Survivor Fund was established in 2005 to provide immediate financial support to families of the men and women who lose their lives in the line of service. With a goal of raising $15,000, Agero launched its Donations4Locations initiative to encourage the company’s national network of roadside service providers to include GPS location-based statuses on their event dispatches from Agero. For each of these dispatches, the company committed to donating $0.50 to the Survivor Fund. Due to the fantastic participation by service providers nationwide, Agero successfully met its goal during the three-day charity event and will be donating the proceeds to the International Towing and Recovery Museum.

The Donations4Locations initiative also builds awareness of the value that location-based GPS technology brings to the towing industry.

“Vehicle breakdowns can be highly stressful situations. With location-aware services, drivers have the ability to use their smartphone to track, in real-time, the progress of the tow truck while en route to them. This knowledge helps to reduce their anxiety and creates an overall more positive customer experience. We encourage our providers to use these services as often as possible for the benefit of their customers, and also because we firmly believe that GPS-enabled dispatch management is quickly going to become a standard across the industry,” added Ferrick.

More information about the Survivor Fund can be found here.

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